"The Spaces Collective have been incredible, exceeding all my expectations.  My property has been consistently let and any problems were dealt with immediately.  I was very happy to have such a stress and hassle free experience and a fantastic income."

 Charlie - Notting Hill

"The Spaces Collective team helped me to fully furnish my house in just a few weeks and have consistently filled with high quality guests since. Highly recommended and a pleasure to work with"

Andrew - Notting Hill

"Since handing my keys to The Spaces Collective I have not only been able to forget about my flat, but have been receiving double the amount I would have normally, with the reassuring flexibility of being able to stay in my own place whenever I am back in London. It has been a perfect customer experience - non-existent hassle and maximum value." 

Galen - Little Venice

"Friendly, helpful, client comes first."

Pinak - Notting Hill

"The Spaces Collective are fantastic - they run an efficient, effective and reliable service that has changed our perception of renting in London. I would recommend them to anyone without a moments hesitation"

Ludo - Holland Park